Dr Caroline Hong

About Dr Caroline Hong, Health and Wellness Consultant, company director, adviser and mentor.

*Dr Caroline Hong holds a portfolio career, as company director, adviser, mentor and consultant in healthcare and business.

Some people say that her career story reads like a book, with many stories yet untold but could inspire many women from diverse backgrounds, in life lessons and professional careers.

Over 40 years experience from clinician to business woman, living a life with time freedom, and more love for herself, her family and her community, overcoming all odds against her, speaks volumes for the stories yet to be told, for the next generation, as well as her current generation to thrive through the changing paradigms in this world.

Always known as a trailblazer and pioneer, she continues to be of service and value to others. She is advocating to people to make health their true wealth and top priority. Everything else will follow from there in all aspects of life to be able to enjoy optimal quality of life as we age.

She aims to live past 100 years, growing old healthy and active. She also aims to inspire others to enjoy a long healthspan, living a life with purpose and meaning.

Dr Hong overcame early life poverty and homelessness against all odds. She went to university with a one year old child as a young mother, when most already gave up hope on her.

She became an award winning student and graduated successfully in a Bachelor in Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1983.

From practising clinically as a dental surgeon for 15 years in South Australia and NSW, Dr Hong later became the first woman CEO of the largest dental association in Australia, for NSW and ACT in 1997. In 2001, she ventured outside dentistry and moved to the medical sector, working as the CEO of the peak medical ultrasound body for imaging medical and technical specialists, where she served for 10 years.

This chapter of her life was fulfilling, but it was also addictive and all consuming.

Only upon reflection, she realised that she loved her job more than herself and believes that was the key reason for her burnt out symptoms that affected many aspects of her life, which went unrecognised.

Fast forward to 2016, Dr Hong was introduced to life in regional mid north coast of NSW Australia. She married the man she fell in love with, and tied the knot in 2020.

Helping and making a difference to people, organisations and businesses in public, private and not for profit sectors – as she did over her 40 year professional career – remains her calling.

Today, she achieves that through her focus on helping people get better health though proactive wellness and she also helps people with a turn-key business opportunity that is built on love and contribution, for time freedom, income opportunity, community and service to others.

With a background in dentistry, healthcare, business, proactive health and wellness, and in nutraceuticals, she is your perfect person to talk to you about proactive wellness, for longevity, healthspan and healthy epigenetics. She is also the perfect person to mentor you in the turn key business opportunity to add to your existing career and business portfolio.

More information on LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/DrCarolineHong

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*Dr Caroline Hong holds a portfolio career, as company director, adviser and consultant in healthcare and business. More information on LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/DrCarolineHong

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(https://youtu.be/9_zvfGgr8Y0?feature=shared) – Dr Caroline Hong & Dr Lana Galicia

(https://youtu.be/IUrQn3drYas?feature=shared) – Dr Caroline Hong & Julie Lagerstrom

(https://youtu.be/ZHYfCqTYNAs?feature=shared) – Dr Caroline Hong & Kassy Havel

(https://youtu.be/VCQzhYEJvaI?feature=shared) – Dr Caroline Hong & Renee Lynn

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Dr Caroline Hong FAICD

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Mobile: +61 410474898

PO Box 2683, Port Macquarie, NSW 2444 

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LinkedIn https://linkedin.com/in/DrCarolineHong

Below are some professional testimonials about Dr Caroline Hong

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HEALTH AND WELLNESS TESTIMONIALS: Real people, real stories.

Disclaimer: We make no claims to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent. Always consult your physician for your medical condition.

“Caroline demonstrates visionary and unwavering leadership. She sees beyond immediate challenges and charts a course toward long-term growth. Caroline is very effective at motivating her team to reach new heights.
As an empowering mentor, Caroline invests time in nurturing talent. She recognizes potential and provides guidance, encouragement, support and opportunities to help others win in life.
The overall health benefits I have experienced from THREE International’s nutritional supplements have been life changing. The powerful, bioavailable phytonutrients in E?ternel antioxidant super blend have helped to protect my skin against UV damage – essential living in Australia. Revíve has ensured I maintain a healthy inflammatory status. By working at the cellular level to promote joint health, Revíve has enhanced my flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. I now recover from exercise quickly with no muscle stiffness. No more wasted supplements. THREE delivers where it matters most.”

– Christine S, Artist, Counsellor, Educator

“Wonderful benefits already from the III International supplements these past 6 months – overall well-being and sense of optimal health and ability to maximise my exercise regime – and I’m delighted by the outwardly visible effects of Collagene. Thrilled by recent blood test results with clear indicators of an improving immune system and a healthy Vitamin D level. So appreciative of Dr Caroline Hong’s care and guidance in educating on the science of the products and the benefits to be experienced – Caroline is extremely passionate, genuine and knowledgeable about encouraging others to be living their best life and is living evidence herself of the wonderful results from the III International supplements”

– Michelle H, Australia Corporate Executive

“I suffered from gut health issues for a long time. I was hesitant initially about trying another gut health supplement. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the supplements worked for me. I no longer suffer bloatiness, discomfort and feeling unwell. I took all Vitalite, Eternel and Imune and felt the difference within a week, and now I use all 6 products.”

–  TW, MD

“I am a cancer survivor, and in remission. My friend introduced Three products to me. I consulted my physician and told them to look up the PDR. My doctor checked the ingredients, and gave me a few tips. As long as I am feeling more energy and feeling better, he is happy for me to continue. I am using Vitalite, Purifi initially daily and increased to adding all the other supplements to my daily routine.  I. like it that I can take them anytime of the day, and I cannot guarantee that I am having quality pure nutrients in my body cells”

EL, Nurse

“I have kids around me at work. I  managed a child care centre. One of my key staff got really sick. I gave her Imune and she miraculously got better the next day. I have heard of doctors and health professionals taking up to 6 doses of Imune in a day, when they are feeling under the weather. I was surprised at how quickly the Imune worked.” 

– RJ Teacher

” I have symptoms of carpal tunnel  syndrome, and   restritce mobility in my joints in my hands. I was afraid I was getting early arthritic symptoms. My friend introduced to me and I took 2 doses of Revive and also Collagene. I was amazed how my fingers became more flexible and I did not feel any discomfort that I had before.”

– ES Counsellor

“I had sports injury on my knees as a young man. I have had surgeries on both knees. They were never working properly causing me discomfort and I could not exercise for very long. I now am able to surf without discomfort in my knees or joints. Anyone who loves riding a surfboard would understand how important it is to be able to surf in the ocean and get on the board on your knees and get up to ride the waves. It is priceless how my knees are “Renewed” and my my personal mental and physical health has also improved”. 

– AJ Surfer


More recent and past Wellness testimonials are available upon request. Contact +61 410474898


I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline on the board of Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast @RDAMNC for several years. Caroline was a diligent board member who always was attentive, engaged and often brought valuable insight to our discussions and deliberations. With a wealth of experience in the NFP sector along with her involvement with several commercial startups, Caroline could offer practical, solid and strategic advice to the board. Any board would be lucky to have Caroline on board. I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline on the board of Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast @RDAMNC for several years. Caroline was a diligent board member who always was attentive, engaged and often brought valuable insight to our discussions and deliberations. With a wealth of experience in the NFP sector along with her involvement with several commercial startups, Caroline could offer practical, solid and strategic advice to the board. Any board would be lucky to have Caroline on board.

John Roydhouse GAICD MICDA JP,  June 2024

Caroline joined the Vinnies CEO Sleepout Advisory Committee after her very first event and played a significant role in its growth during my time at Vinnies. From rallying her own networks to donning that sleeping bag year on year and fundraising, Caroline should be very proud of how much she has achieved for people experiencing homelessness in Australia. Caroline joined the Vinnies CEO Sleepout Advisory Committee after her very first event and played a significant role in its growth during my time at Vinnies. From rallying her own networks to donning that sleeping bag year on year and fundraising, Caroline should be very proud of how much she has achieved for people experiencing homelessness in Australia.

Julie McDonald, Transformative Leader,  23 March 2023

Thanks to Dr Caroline Hong who has held the roles of Independent Director, Deputy Chair, and committee member of Audit & Risk and Nominations committees with Healthy North Coast. She was also a valuable representative of the Board on the Clinical Advisory Council. She has brought commitment, extensive experience and wisdom providing the Board and myself with valued advice during my term as Chair. She was always well-prepared, conscientious, fearless and considered in her many roles with Healthy North Coast and has been an asset to our organisation with her dedicated service.

Dr Adrian Gilliland, Chair of Health North Coast, NSW Australia December 2022

In my former role as NSW President of the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM), Dr Caroline Hong was an important member of our State Branch Council. Caroline was a key contributor to the ACHSM’s success within the health care space at both the state and national levels. She inspired her colleagues through her outstanding leadership and vision with respect to the enhancement of member services and in particular through the development of innovative professional development programs for our future health managers and leaders. Caroline continues to lead the way to improved health outcomes through her current leadership role within the Healthy North Coast organisation. I wish her continued success.

A/Prof Godfrey Isouard – Adjunct Professorial appointments at UNE (Australia) and Naresuan University (Thailand).  Former President of he Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) -2021

Caroline was a valued member of the Trustees of St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation. She was always well prepared, enthusiastic, energetic, supportive and looking for ways to increase effectiveness. She was a great promoter of the work done by the Foundation. I found Caroline to be supportive of the executive. She was a pleasure to work with.

Michelle Wilson – former CEO of St Vincents’ Clinic Foundation, Managing Director and CEO at Maluk Timor Australia – 2021

Caroline was amazing to work with, concerned with the educational roll out and academic output at various meetings and conferences. It was a pleasure to travel together to Denmark and present, she is an inspirational leader no doubt.

Dr Talat Uppal, Director at Women’s Health Road – 2021

Caroline was a dedicated and insightful member of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout Ambassador Committee for 11 years. During this time, Caroline brought amazing energy and compassion to the group. Her networking ability meant that Caroline brought across a number of participants and corporate partners to the CEO Sleepout event resulting in additional critical funds for Vinnies work. Caroline also brought a strong strategic approach to the development of the event with an aim to support Vinnies with continuous improvement. Her compassion and commitment to the cause of homelessness in Australia over so many years is testament to her ability to balance the strategic with the human.

Yolanda Saiz, Executive Director, Commercial Enterprise, Fundraising and Communications – 2021

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr Caroline Hong as a member of the VInnies CEO Sleepout advisory committee and ambassador group. Caroline served 11 years, as a volunteer, advocate and Ambassador as part of this group. Caroline’s enthusiasm and amazing networking ability was a real asset to this group and resulted in many introductions that led to an increase in participant numbers and funds raised, her insights have also helped the group develop strategy for the ongoing success of the event. Caroline is passionate about helping all members of the community to thrive and have a great life. Through supporting Vinnies, Caroline has been able to help thousands more people have a great life. Caroline has the ability to operate at all levels and across international boundaries but retains an empathy for others that has driven her support of Vinnies and many other organisations.

Bernard Fehon OAM, CEO, Fehon Strategy and Design – 2021

Caroline has a unique set of skills which allows her to work across Australian and Asian communities and businesses to provide information they require to succeed.Her knowledge , languages and commercial approach allows her to create success and build trust and rapport quickly.This may sound easy ,however working across cultures languages and geographies brings inherent issues that Caroline addresses with confidence ..It is a pleasure to have worked with her.

John Banks – Director and Lifetime Member, The Committee for Sydney

Dr Caroline Hong has a remarkable skill set, backed up by an incredibly diverse high level work experience, and a unique perspective as a successful Asian Australian woman.

During my time as NSW Deputy Premier and Minister for Trade and Investment, she provided me with insightful advice about doing business with Asia, which assisted me in my endeavours to strengthen NSW’s international engagement within the region.

Dr Hong is articulate (in several languages); perceptive; highly motivated; culturally aware; experienced across the health, business and government sectors; and collaborative. She is also a role model and mentor to many young Asian Australians.

Hon Andrew Stoner AM

Former NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Trade & Investment and Minister for Regional Services and Infrastructure. Andrew Stoner & Associaties

Dr Caroline Hong is an engaging moderator, MC and experienced business speaker. She has the ability to engage with her audience at business forums and facilitate active Q & A discussions. She is highly respected for her opinions and thought leadership on diverse business topics, and understanding of Australia in the Asian Century. Dr Hong’s unique background as an Asian Australian professional and businesswoman, together with her special experience across diverse industry, business, associations, government and cultural communities, makes her uniquely positioned to speak about Australia in the Asian Century.

Peter Wong,

President of Australia Malaysian Singaporean Association, Director of Asia Invest

I am writing to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr Caroline Hong to be a guest speaker at two of our business forums for overseas visiting high ranking business and government delegations from China this year.

At the two business forums held by our association mentioned above, Dr Hong spoke about Australia-China business challenges and opportunities, and applying her understanding of cross cultural issues for successful engagement with China. She provided valuable insights as an Asian Australian businesswoman and as an accomplished speaker, with over 30 years of work experience spanning healthcare, associations, government and business. We are very fortunate to have her as our guest speaker

I would highly recommend her as I consider her a great speaker, who is more than capable of delivering high quality presentations.

Amen Lee, OAM. JP

Executive Chairman of  Australia China Economics, Trade & Culture Association


Dr Caroline Hong spoke at the Executive Fellows Program for the Australian New Zealand School of Government in 2014.

“The feedback from ‘Engaging with Asia” immersive learning module has been very positive, with participants appreciating the opportunity to hear from expertsin each line of enquiry to get different perspectives on a big and complex issue. Participants felt that the modules had raised their awareness and provided a deeper understanding of the issues.  Many commented on their curiosity to find out more.

The team in your lie of enquiry  commented on your session as specifically “exceptional”.

Prof Gary Banks AO,

Dean of Australian New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

Dr Caroline Hong delivered the Occasional Speaker address to the Graduation ceremony of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Macquarie University, NSW in 2014

“It was a marvelous occasional address containing some excellent advice”

“I think Australia has received a great gift when Dr Hong decided to come to Australia and become an Australia citizen”

Hon. Michael Egan AO

Chancellor, Macquarie University

Having observed at close range Dr. Caroline Hong’s involvements in a number of high-level and strategic Australia-Asia Business Forums and Asia Pacific cross-cultural seminars, I am delighted to share with you some of Caroline’s professional expertise and personal attributes:-

. As a public speaker and panelist, Caroline is supremely articulate in her subject matters, and was able to capture the full attention of the audience with ease, enthusiasm and confidence.

. As a Master of Ceremony and Moderator in high-level Forums (e.g .The Malaysia International Trade and Investment Forum, held in Sydney on22 August, 2014 ) , Caroline displayed a rare combination of professional expertise, courtesy and patience and stamina throughout the whole day of back-to-back activities; often in Forums of hundreds of participants from cross-cultural backgrounds, Caroline’s in-depth understanding of “the nuances” during Q & A Sessions has helped “smooth the waters” of some sensitive issues, contributing to greater understanding of these complex issues.

. Being born in Malaysia, tertiary educated in Australia, and being a very diligent business professional in the Australia-Asian region for some 30years, I believe Caroline’s most valuable asset to Australia’s business society and academic institutions is the highest level of respect and total “ Trust “ which both the Asian and Australian government and industry leaders have bestowed on her.

During last year alone, phrases of praise and appreciation were heard often (e.g. “ Caroline is a rare Pearl of Asia and a Diamond of Australia “ ) for Caroline’s personality of passion and generosity in empowering Australian business development and cross cultural friendships in the Australia-Asian Region.

In this 21st Century of greater global competition for boundless business opportunities in Asia for Australia, I believe our country can benefit much more when more business and academic leaders can get to know Caroline and persuade her to join their selected efforts to expand business opportunities in Australia and Asia.

If more detailed information on Caroline is needed, please contact me anytime.

Wishing you a happy , healthy, safe and prosperous 2015 ,

Alfred Chung

Executive Director, China Agri-Business Limited

Dr Caroline Hong is an experienced and accomplished public speaker, and delivers valuable insights and thought leadership on doing business with Asia and China. She has deep experience and understanding of Australia in the Asian Century. Her unique Asian Australian background across diverse sectors, makes her an interesting & thought provoking speaker, one who understands business opportunities and challenges faced by Australians, and the impact of cross cultural challenges on successfully engaging with Asia.

Simon Lane, MD AperCu ED and MD of China HR (Australia)

Dr Caroline Hong has been a passionate advocate and tireless worker for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout since she joined the advisory committee. Her connection with the cause and articulate enthusiasm made her a natural choice for a position on the advisory committee. She operates with the utmost professionalism at all times.

– Bernard Fehon, CEO Tactical Solutions, Founder of Vinnies CEO Sleepout

I have known Caroline through the AICD for around 6 years and have always been impressed with her capabilities, experience and enthusiasm for everything she has involved herself in. When I had a vacancy on my board I immediately asked her to fill that vacancy as I knew she would be a great asset.

Since joining the board of the Crows Nest Centre Caroline has been more than just a great asset. She has taken on the role with tremendous enthusiasm, and her skills and experience have assisted the board on numerous occasions. Caroline is well respected by all the members of the board as well as the management and staff of the Crows Nest Centre. Her professionalism, ethics and board knowledge are only surpassed by her smile and positive nature, which lights up any room she enters.

I consider myself fortunate to know Caroline, working with her on my board and I look forward to working with her long into the future. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline for any activity or venture as I know she will attack it with 200% effort.

– Dr Jonathan Farrell, MD Farrell & Associates

As a key member of our NSW State Council for the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM), Caroline has been an active and vital contributor to our organisation’s success at the state and national level. Caroline is exceptionally talented in all areas of governance, business operations, finance and innovative solutions to improve organisational performance. She has been a highly valued adviser to me personally in respect of business planning, membership service enhancement, devising entrepreneurial initiatives, and attracting sponsorship for our professional development activities. Caroline is passionate about achieving best practice in all her endeavours. She is a true professional who inspires the ACHSM constantly with her innovation, vision, and enthusiasm. Caroline has a vibrant, charming and charismatic personality and displays the highest integrity. I am delighted to endorse Dr Caroline Hong

– Associate Prof Godfrey Isouard, Vice President ACHSM

Dr.Hong is an outstanding CEO who not only commands respect but also genuinely respects relationships at all organisational levels.
Her adeptness at generating significant value for both her own and her partnering organisations cannot be overstated.

– Nick Swann, GM Toshiba

Dr Hong was the first CEO of the Australasian Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM) Under her stewardship the Society grew to become internationally, as well as nationally, recognised as the leader in our region in ultrasound with responsibility for setting and maintaining standards,providing ongoing education for sonographers and physicians and promoting cooperation between industry,government and the profession here and overseas.Her professionalism,networking ability and complete commitment to ASUM for a decade resulted in a much stronger Society dedicated to the advancing of the clinical practice of ultrasound for the highest standards of patient care.
As a past president of ASUM who worked with Caroline I am pleased to provide this recommendation.

– Prof Ron Benzie, Professor SWAHS, Past President of ASUM

I’ve always admired Caroline’s enthusiasm and persistence. While CEO of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Caroline hosted in Sydney the 12th World Congress of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. This huge event attracted over 2400 delegates and made a major contribution both to the advancement of knowledge and to the local economy. But it was not easy! Although the event was won for Sydney in 2001, it was held hot on the heels of the global financial crisis causing many sponsors and delegates to reconsider their levels of support. Nonetheless Caroline persevered, contacted all the major stakeholders and reassured them that their investment and their presence would pay dividend. Following the event this effort was handsomely rewarded when attendees and supporters gave it the thumbs up as the best world congress ever.

For three years Caroline has been an Ambassador for Business Events Sydney, providing insight into her profession, identifying potential bid opportunities and advising us on association politics. She has always been most generous with her time and support for our work and I am sure this dedication, focus and can-do attitude will enable the SME Association to grow, flourish and make its mark as the voice for its members. I am very happy to endorse Caroline Hong.

– Lyn Lewis-Smith, CEO Business Events Sydney

Caroline is a tireless contributor to our cause. Our role is to promote Sydney as a hub for knowledge and a destination in which to host international business events (conventions, conferences, meetings, exhibitions, recognition events). In 2009 as an Ambassador for us and as CEO of the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine, Caroline hosted the world conference of her professional assocation, the 12th World Congress of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. This highly prestigious event attracted record numbers and strong commercial support which is remarkable coming as it did at the tail end of the global financial crisis. International recognition of Australia and the profession of sonography was enhanced hugely as a result of Caroline’s passion , marketing skills and and enthusiasm to ensure this event set new benchmarks for ultrasound.

– Ian Stuart, Consultant, Business Events Sydney

Dr Caroline is totally outstanding in the Australia-China business network!

G Kong, Investor & Entrepreneur

Excellent knowledge and presentation on “Doing Business with Asia”

– Participants, including Chairman, CEOs, CFOs, BDMs in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne 2 day MasterClass April /May 2015.  Companies include University, Registered Training Education Organisations, Healthcare, Government, Logistics, Construction, Manufacturing, and Agriculture services

A great Mentor and inspiring role model for Asians in Australia!

– Sydney Chinese WOI & Elite China group